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Since 1992, Appliance World, a family owned business, has served our consumers with knowledge, expertise and competitive prices. Our range of appliances run from your basic needs to high-end luxury models. Our fully functional, completely interactive showroom allows the consumer to not only see how their new built-in appliances will look in their home, but how well they perform. Manufacturer’s corporate chefs as well as professional chefs are on staff to educate the consumer on how to use their appliances. The goal is to have a completely satisfied, confident and knowledgeable consumer.

In our state of the art showrooms we have multiple live kitchens allowing our clients to come in and interact with the appliances. Clients can come in and test out their appliances before they purchase them – imagine opening up a refrigerator turning on a burner before it actually gets into your home. Both of our locations feature interactive showrooms that we’re constantly updating to showcase the latest and greatest appliances that we have to offer our clients.

Working for a family owned company allows us as coworkers to work as one big happy family and not an individual which gives a much better experience to the customer in the store. The most important thing about a family business is the dynamic and this environment allows us to enhance the experience of the client in the showroom making them feel like they are a part of our family.

The Appliance World Team has always gone above and beyond what is expected of them and have really shown true to our principle of giving back not only when it comes to our clients but our community as well! This dedication can be seen throughout not only their day to day work throughout our showrooms but through one of the numerous fundraising events that we have opened our showrooms up to throughout the many years we have been in business. The Staff really steps up their game to help these organizations put on the best possible event experience for their guests and it wouldn’t be possible without all of their passion. When it comes to teamwork the Appliance World Staff truly raises the bar – newcomers are immediately taken under senior teammates wing and shown how to properly succeed not only in the business side but also through the involvement in our communities. The bond between the staff is one of the strongest assets that we as a company have – its truely amazing to see how much it has grown over the past couple of years.