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SIBSPlace Mission statement:

SIBSPlace (Survivorship in Brothers and Sisters), an affiliate of Mount Sinai South Nassau, is a free program serving well children ages 5-17, who are living with a sibling with cancer or another devastating medical illness, a parent with a cancer diagnosis and/or child coping with the death of a sibling or parent. SIBSPlace provides support and attention to the unique needs of the well children as they manage the traumatic and emotional impact of their loved one’s medical diagnosis or death. Professional mental health staff foster resiliency, by encouraging the expression of feelings. Through guided therapeutic peer support and creative arts activities participants develop skills to help them cope with this life-changing family experience. Parent group, bereavement services and a summer camp are also offered.

About SIBSPlace

Since October 2000, SIBSPlace has supported children at a most vulnerable time in their lives. Participants indicate that SIBSPlace is the one constant for them; a refuge when life is interrupted and feels out of control. In response to the pandemic, families are turning to SIBSPlace now more than ever, to help them regain their sense of balance, provide the necessary comfort and help to reduce the intense anxiety around treatments, hospitalizations and memorials. Virtual services, small in-person groups and outdoor family engagement events have provided opportunities for socialization and have promoted a sense of connection to help cope with feelings of loneness and isolation. In order to meet the growing needs of our community we are proud to announce we are renovating a 5,100 square foot facility in Rockville Centre that will become A New Home for SIBSPlace by Fall 2021. This new location will increase our visibility and awareness of our services. The new building is tailored to specifically meet the needs of our expanding program and will provide easier and greater access to children from all over Long Island and the five Boroughs.